Has society ruined the human body?

Everyone’s human! Alex Rigg writes about mutual understanding, the dangers of judgementalism and the human body…

Social media has changed the effect of people’s opinions on the look of humans. But my question is: has society ruined the human body? Why is it now frowned upon to show the human body for its natural qualities? Shouldn’t we love who we are, and what we are?

It shouldn’t be wrong to show the skin of a person. People should be able to present their own bodies however they want to, without negative comments from people who gaze on them. This negativity leads to medical conditions; anorexia, depression, more. But why is it fair for people to judge the looks of other people, when they are just showing who they are? A human body should not be a sin in the eye of the beholder, as it is now coming across as – it should be something showing ambitions whatever they may be, and the skill of being unafraid. The human body is a beautiful and a wondrous design, and it is magnificent that we are all unique, even in the slightest of ways. There are so many differences that we should be grateful for, but I can’t discover why difference is disapproved of by many.

Comments should not be given, if the flesh of someone is shown. Comments should not be given if they do not look 100% perfect underneath your personal criteria list. Because nobody’s perfect. It is scary how many people dislike themselves or, in worst case scenario, hate themselves for how they look. Why should their appearance matter – surely what is important is who they actually are? Self harming (in any form) can be closely linked to an individual’s appearance and someone’s comments about it. It is a form of bullying, and it needs to end quickly. The human body is such a precious species, but they should be sticking together, not turning on each other in search of a way to become popular yourself. Attacks and sourness can lead to extreme consequences. Think before you say.


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