M20 Tips – Summer Fashion Trends for Women!

Summer’s here and it’s already scorchin’! Make sure you look as hot as you feel with Natalie Proctor’s ten top tips for sartorial success this summer…

1.  Off the shoulder neck-lines

Off the shoulder tops are a huge part of spring and summer trends, as they offer an easy way to show some skin in an understated way. They flatter every shape and can dress up every outfit.

off shoulder
via topshop.com



2.  Chunky sandals

Chunky boots were everywhere this winter and so it’s no surprise that chunky sandals are making an appearance now. They elongate the legs and can add a bit of edge to the simple sundress.

DrMartens via office.co.uk
DrMartens via office.co.uk



3.  Midi skirts and dresses

Maxi dresses can be difficult to pull off for those of us who aren’t supermodels; the midi is a simple alternative! They are comfortable as well as effortlessly chic, and unlike the maxi they don’t swamp the figure.

via urbanoutfitters.com
via urbanoutfitters.com



4.  Feathers

Feathers are always prominent during summer trends; in patterns and in accessories. Arts and crafts shops are a great way to create some feathered jewellery that will also be unique to you. Why not even use them in your hair to really channel the bohemian summer look!

via www.featherrayhairextensions.bigcartel.com
via http://www.featherrayhairextensions.bigcartel.com



5.  Bold prints

A bold print – particularly on summer dresses – is a great way to be a bit more adventurous this summer. Using simple cuts and timeless shapes with daring patterns is a nice compromise for those who don’t want to make too much of a statement.

Bold Prints
via boohoo.com



6.  Colour clashing

Colour is a huge part of summer trends, the bolder the better! But don’t be afraid to combine some of the more contrasting colours. This is best done with simpler cuts as this avoids overwhelming the frame.

via www.blazehairkingswinford.com
via http://www.blazehairkingswinford.com



7.  Halter-necks

Halter-necks are not only big this summer because they’re practical, but they look great! They show off the back in a tasteful way and look great with trousers, shorts and skirts.

via www.etsy.com
via http://www.etsy.com


8.  Pastels
Light blues and pinks almost always trend in the summer, as they suit most skin tones but also exaggerate your tan. A must for everyone’s wardrobe then!

via www.zara.com
via http://www.zara.com



9.  Boho shirts

Shirts embellished with embroidery are everywhere this summer. They are practical as well as elegant, and their loose fit makes them perfect for the beach or hot days. Vintage shops have some wonderful pieces like this, for those who want to avoid the high street.

Mango via www.asos.com
Mango via http://www.asos.com



10.  Slip dresses

The 90’s slip dress is making a comeback in a big way this year, and especially this summer. The simple shape makes them easy to pull off, and needs little accessorizing.

via www.urbanoutfitters.com
via http://www.urbanoutfitters.com




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