CREATIVE CORNER… Alex Lowther-Harris



And in the space behind my eyes,

I saw azure haze.

When I opened them again, the same colour tinted the world.

Sun lashes and beats.

A calming flows, like opening legs and closing throws.

A calm that waits for once.

It waits patiently for the bus coming in hourly rotations.

Waits, gives up and walks eventually.

Walking such path garden directions, then stuff further on.

Fell asleep in trees on edge field, yielding wheat or whatever.

In minutes I saw hours. In hours I saw nothing.

Only a strange person, one out of place.

Come whisper shitty things in my ear. Touch all my hairs and caw hollow.

So tender to mend such shitty words.

The beats and crass, lying in tall grasses, insects in my trousers.

Such pattern neatest, such skyward restlessness, such common lexicon.

Yo, low over here. Top you up and spill to edge pour drinks too sweet. Neatly lay now.

No leaving here now. Caught in phat ass sun ray bent me down.

Only the wider more savage edges.

Only the wider more savage palmers.

Calmer than a tree in winter,

Happier than a plant in summer.

Some stuff like that.

I’m keen now, keen on the best one. The bestest warms the courages of men less favoured. Keen as bees are. What’s left here in distant sun.

Can I continue bent sun ray? Can I escape your clutch?

Is that smoke rising from cawed asunder?

That hill does split doesn’t it?

That volcanoish shape that spews unto earth catcher?

No it is me. Erupted like the tallow end. Those leathered bends, Those hyper catchers. Are they only slender formed. The best part of every last one.

Knowledge kills the keeper, the monarch soothers the deeper. You’re cool you are, your ass and chest grow dips in me honey though.

Corridors leading to the illest member. No courts in the tenderest thighs. No length in the peasentest eye holder. Those eyes azure like sun ray carrier. Those eyes that caught glimpses. That act that convinced nobody.

Going backwards, talking that way too.

Rest me.

You know this heart pumps blood through only. You’re cool but you know it. That voice doesn’t speak ill no more.

The space behind dower eyes, I saw the world pass unsullied.

I saw the love once held collapse. But it never mattered to us. It never mattered to anything. Everything forgot itself long ago. The original purpose. To not return then.

That deep azure don’t mean……….

Bawish earth catcher.

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