God is dead.

‘God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. Yet his shadow still looms. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers?’

– Nietzsche, 1882


When Nietzsche said God was dead what did he mean?

If God is dead then let’s hold a festival of

blacks, whites and greys

and welcome in the monochromatic manifesto.

Let’s bleach the flags of the world and drain out their colour,

purge variation and label it “incompetence”.

We will be plain:

as we kneel, it will not be with a nation’s hopes for something greater.

No more will we pray, messages sent without stamps.

We’ll wander confused

sheep without Shepherd as we dive off cliffs,

suiciding ourselves onto Dawkins’ sword.


When we killed God, did Siva stop his dance?

Did time pause itself, rewinding decades of growth?

As we beheaded Our Father did ignorance grow,

with us as It’s love child, rejection our mother

bathing in the destroyer’s demise, a paradox

only faithlessness could breed?


Look, I’m not trying to say God exists,

but if we killed God let’s watch as

civilisations of old crumble.

Anubis, Zeus, Saturn, Ahura Mazda.

All will disintegrate, cracked by whispers of certain

militant atheisms.


They say we were built on centuries of blind faith,

if that’s the case then we stand

on the shoulders of visually impaired giants

and boy did they know how to build!

Pyramids, coliseums, temples: monuments to the greater.

If God is dead then say goodbye to your good grades because

damn! indiscriminate, undefined being you had my back back there.


Now I know, I know,

When we listen to the ramblings of unfounded extremists

We all want to ebay our Bibles (without charging postage),

padlock heaven’s gates and

throw the key into Visnu’s milk ocean

but don’t count the potentially old guy/girl/trans*gendered being out yet.

They’re the only living remnant of civilisations we trampled on.

Don’t drown one culture out

with the screams of another.


– Alex Webb,

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