Mothership Connection

M20MIX #3

Off the back of how much I love this Mothership Connection track this week’s playlist was re-written and it’s pretty heavy on the Room2records.

Mothership Connection – Celladwelladelica

The instrumental is so good. There’s a horn sample in this kills me. Every verse sits flush and the chorus is a wicked bookend. I’ve had this on repeat since I heard it on Sunday.

Cheech x Morriarchi – Def Drop 3D

Cheech the Grim Reefer is one of Mothership and the E.P Kush garden produced by Morriarti was out a couple months ago on Room2. The eastern sitar sound on this track had me hooked. Besides he’s got one of the best draw-inspired names I’ve ever heard.

Dom Hz – Poppy and Soul (ft. Bricks)

Another one from Room2. This was also released earlier this summer. An easy instrumental this one, the production reminds me of Falty DL with that soulful shuffle.

Black Josh – Bedtimerz (ft. Truthos & Dyslexis, prod. by Styn)

Another killer instrumental underneath this one. A lazy saxophone floats over this beat and it’s a beaut. The harmonies are subtle and the jazz sensibility stays at the fore throughout.

Gang Starr – Jazz Thing

The jazz in all of these inevitably had me back at this track. Square one for Jazz meets hip hop. The track was originally intended to be Guru reading a history of Jazz poem written by Lolis Eric Elie, put to a Jazz sampling Hip Hop track which was DJ Premier’s signature. Guru used parts of the poem and the result was this. In my opinion one of the greatest tunes of all time.

The Fall – Mr Pharmacist

It would have been John Peel’s birthday on Sunday were he still alive. The Fall were well known to be a favourite of his and this is on his Fabriclive Mix. The Fall are also without a doubt one of the best bands from Greater Manchester, and this cover of The Other Half is fucking great.


Theo Kotz


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