Surrealist Games and Interactive Art: Play On MCR

The one good thing we can say about summer sadly leaving us is that it marks the beginning of a vast calendar for music and arts events in Manchester. And as far as things to do go in the arts scene an art exhibition that requires audience interplay, is at the top of our list.

Play on MCR is kick-starting the new student term with a refreshing take on interactive art and exhibitions.

When: Thursday 25th September, 6pm – late
Where: 22 Red Bank, Manchester M4 4HF

Play on MCR is a group exhibition, curated by Emily Briselden-Waters and Rachel Dargavel-Leafe, presenting… Surrealist games with a twist.

The two graphic design graduates say they “feel that the world of Art and Design has become too serious and competitive. We want to re-introduce the idea of play into the practice”, (which I must say M20 Collective love as an ethos). “We are launching an experimental and interactive exhibition that does just that!”

Rachel and Emily both graduated from Manchester School of Art in Graphic Design in 2013 and since then have practiced their design skills on professional and personal levels.

Emily set up her own non-profit business, Inprint Liverpool. It aims to promote young designers and illustrators in the northwest of England. Inprint has held over 10 events including a collaboration with Dessau University at the Bauhaus and recently with Tate Liverpool. There are plans to hold an event in October with Offset Festival.

Here is a personally picked out favourite from Emily’s pattern work:


You can find more of her design work here:

Rachel works with installation design and has been involved with AND Festival for the Liverpool Biennial. She has also helped create outdoor projects with The Kazimier and Parklife Festival, as well as personal projects have been exhibited many times around Manchester at independent venues such as Soup Kitchen and Joshua Brooks.

Below is a particularly playful and thought-provoking piece by Rachel from her ‘Collage’ series:


More of her work can be found here:

Both of them have organised and run a Riso vs. Screen Printing workshop at Beacons Festival with Generic Greeting Collective.

Gradually the two have moved towards exhibition design: “We decided we wanted to make an exhibition, which was more interactive – an experience. We believe it helps the viewer to gain a better understanding of the art, and leaves a longer lasting impression. Our exhibition is for one night only. This puts an emphasis on the impact it has on each individual.”

Play On is a group show of Manchester based artists and designers taking inspiration from traditional surrealist games such as ‘automatic drawing’, ‘exquisite corpse’, and ‘bulletism’. They will be answering a brief that brings this madness into the modern day.

M20 Collective urge you to attend this event in light of its originality, and exploratory nature. What better way to understand the art than to be part of it? Go and play for one night only – Thursday 25th September 2014, from 6pm until late. 22 Red Bank, Manchester M4 4HF

And if for some reason you don’t manage to join in the games, then you can see more of their work at Liverpool Irish festival:

Read more about Play On MCR on Manchester Wire

Yemi Bolatiwa


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