M20MIX #5

The Mouse Outfit feat. Sparkz & Truthos Mufasa – Power

Latest track from Manchester hip hop veterans Mouse Outfit. A beastly raga-infused beat is the platform for the telepathic back and forth between VOODOO BLACK’s Sparkz and Ape Cult’s Truthos Mufasa. Dig the neon zombie video.

Icicle Ft. Skittles- Problem

Brand new from dutch drum & bass and hip hop producer Icicle featuring another heavyweight of the Manchester hip-hop scene Skittles. The latter’s rapid-fire delivery rides over an instrumental reminiscent of Adam F’s ‘Circles’. Out on Shogun Audio.

Deep Space Orchestra – Hipster Massacre

Deep Space Orchestra head up the impressive line-up at Party For The People tomorrow night (4th October) at Soup Kitchen. This is halfway-to-mars disco of the highest order, with an irresistibly dirty driving bassline. Released by one of my favourite independents: Cardiff based YCO records… Yes.Come.On.

Other Worlds – Only Down

Other Worlds is Si Murray: the half of Deep Space Orchestra from Manchester. Off-kilter keys, Gregorian chants and delicate strings elevate this track above the rest on the E.P. Despite the low res there’s some satisfyingly meaty bass on there. Been around for a while but I keep coming back.

Rainer Veil – UK Will Not Survive

Rainer Veil’s second release on Modern Love, New Brutalism, came out in January of this year. The opener is a haunted soundscape of moody 2-step.

Millie & Andrea – Corrosive

Andy Stott and Miles Whittaker released their first full-length together this year – Drop the Vowels. It’s incredible. This one starts innocently enough, all trap snares and deep kicks. Then 2 and a half minutes in feels like getting kicked in the teeth. Ridiculous.

Kiyoko – Shinagawa

Kiyoko are Synkro and Bering Strait. They’re back with a new E.P forthcoming on Samurai Music. It follows their 2012 L.P Sea of Trees on Auxiliary. It’s f ull of playful melodic tunes a la early Four Tet and this track is the pick of the bunch.


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