The M20 Collective X-mas no. 1 competition with, is back!

Winter is here and Christmas is coming. As the dark winter evenings set in, we all find ourselves looking for things to do with our time (don’t we?). The festive season can often be repetitive; the annoying same ol’ same ol’ especially when it comes to crimbo tunes. So, we’d like to spark some creativity again this year in the name of original music and community collaboration.

We’re going to push a local X-mas no.1! All you need to do is create an original X-mas song and submit it to us for the chance to sing LIVE on local radio station This can be comedic, cynical, jolly or otherwise as long as its to do with christmas. The more unique the better, but we’re also looking to make connections with some really great local talent with this opportunity.

Submissions open 21st November 2016 – so get writing!

Terms and conditions do apply as follows:

  1. Submit your recording via email: m20collective@gmail.comfeel free to also submit a synopsis of the inspiration and brainchild of your song

  2. Once received you’ll be notified  – follow our social media pages to get involved in the push

  3. We will, in conjunction with make the final decision on who wins

  4. The winner/s will then have to play their song LIVE on radio (on a date to be confirmed).

  5. Deadline for submissions will be Wednesday 14th December (the live performance date will be within 10 days of this)

  6. Maximum capacity of 4 musicians allowed to play live (on account of the space available in the studio)

NB: You must have written the song yourself – any instruments /vocals welcome. Electronic productions encouraged too, (if you can translate this into a live format)!

Keep your eyes peeled for the reveals as we present the 2016, M20 Collective X-mas no.1

Any questions in the meantime just get in touch, we’ll let you know more soon.
Follow and M20 Collective to get involved in more local music and creative projects, we’re open to ideas.

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