M20 Collective : Mission Statement 2016

As we move towards our 3rd birthday we believe we should continue to put our ‘brand’ to good use and collaborate with the breadth of the Manchester communities, through arts, music and creative events. Our aim this year is to broaden the repertoire of arts projects we support and raise awareness and functionality of the collaborative ethos in the arts, which is spreading around south manchester and beyond. This in effect aims to support younger growing generations and the grass roots arts communities – we want to be one of the key platforms and the ‘guiding light’ for unique arts collaboration in Manchester.

1.0 Summary

The M20 Collective started with the aim of strengthening bonds in the local community. By forging a network of creatives in Manchester the project aims to contribute to the development of Manchester’s creative sector by actively encouraging an ethos of collaboration and good will through a range of arts and music focussed projects.

 2.0 General description

The M20 Collective is a group of creatives working in collaboration on a range of creative projects seeking innovative ways to develop brand awareness, facilitate learning and fund arts and performance in surrounding communities.

 3.0 Mission statement

As a collective we believe that the arts are an invaluable tool for both; providing positive social structures and empowering individuals. It is our aim to establish our brand so we can fund a range of creative youth projects in Manchester to offer an alternative to conventional academic structures . This will be achieved by offering our selves as a resource to guide, to supervise and to inspire participants in making their own plans. Through doing this we aim to to facilitate the acquisition of valuable and transferable skills, aswell as encourage an ethos of collaboration and a sense of pride in the community. We also aim to further develop partnerships with local colleges and universities to provide practical work experience to students when funding is made available.

 4.0 List of Services

Support and networking for local artists in the following ways:

  • Event Management
  • Live Music Management
  • Exhibition Curation
  • Arts Project Management
  • Stage Management and Event Liaison
  • Graphic Design Projects
  • Filmmaking
  • Photography
  • Set design
  • Set construction / décor
  • Creative workshops


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