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An Interview with… Denim & Leather

Innocent young blog that we are, we sent over a list of innocuous questions to find out more about soon-to-be-legendary, Manchester borne, punk/garage/hardcore outfit, Denim & Leather. We think they’re all kinds of cool, and we were eager to learn nice QI-like tidbits of information about them, like what type of guitar they used, or how many hugs a day they gave their nan.

They, in true punk manner, took the absolute f****** piss.

Here’s how it went:

1. How did you guys come together?

Denim & Leather are keen advertisers and in our market research we found the most banal band name possible to be the most effective towards our target market, the early teens to late 50’s. We met through an interest in fabrics, finding each other on an industrial fabrics messageboard and through our combined love of ourselves, fine cloth and money we decided the best option to achieve our goals would be through the ”rock band” format.

2. What or who inspires your song lyrics and musical composition?

Some have argued Denim & Leather have stolen and plagiarized all our material but those people are worthless, jealous slugs. Some songs may or may not be verbatim lyrics from other bands but thats just a coincidence.

3. What social or musical message does your sound try to evoke?

We are a very serious band and consider any interruptions from our 2 hour pre show meditation to be a direct threat. We do not mix work with play. The only way you could hurt us is to try to befriend us.

4. What would you ideally like to bring to the Manchester music scene?

This grey landscape is on its way to being the capitalist haven in which our Lord Jesus Christ intended, we only hope to slot somewhere above the enslaved majority but just underneath the monetarily enlightened 1 percent. A soundtrack to the destruction of the weak.

5. Are there any events or releases that people should look out for?

Come and give us your hard earned wage at The Crescent in Salford on March the 14th.
We play with Dry Heaves, Sump and No Form.

[Click here for the event page for the gig on the 14th]

6. What is the Denim & Leather dream? (in a few words)

Cheeky b******s.

Luckily for them, they’re also really good, so we’ve kept ’em on. Listen to some tracks below, and watch out for their name coming up in the Things to Do section….


Join the Writing Squad!

I know for a fact that there is some seriously great material being written in the fair land of M20 and beyond.

If you’re a young (well, 16-21 year old – age is just a number and all that!) writer living in the north of England, you might want to consider applying for the biennially recruited writing program run by a fantastic organisation called The Writing Squad. Whether you’re into writing novels, articles, short stories, flash fiction, lyrics, blogs, micro poetry, performance pieces or tragicomic monologues about quasi-tronic robodogs, as long as you’re WRITING, they want to hear from YOU.

It’s not about having a degree in creative writing, or having recently published the new White Teeth: this is an opportunity for people really serious about getting to grips with the skills involved in being a writer, and developing on their pre-existing talent and ambition.

Successful applicants receive loads of great perks that help you both to hone your craft and to meet other useful people in the lit-o-sphere, including:

  • One-on-one training with writing professionals
  • A support network of writers, editors and Writing Squad grads who provide advice throughout every stage of the program (and beyond!)
  • Detailed email feedback about your writing from the course tutor
  • Four dedicated Writing Squad days per year, again with professional writers
  • Opportunities to work on a variety of projects across the country

And did I mention that the whole thing is totally free???

To apply to join The Writing Squad, put the following things into a PDF or Word document:

  • Some examples of your writing, in whatever form it may take
  • A cover letter (no more than 2 pages!) about yo fine self, your writing and what you would like to gain by joining the Writing Squad

and send them to

Also send: “up to ten pages of prose/script or ten poems/songs, or URLs where we can watch or listen to your work”, and let them know which workshop location you’d like to attend: Manchester, Sheffield or Newcastle.


Click here to see the website for more info.

Good luck!

Manchester-based Photographer Christopher Bethell Seeks Assistants…

Image: Christopher Bethell, 2014

Aspiring photographer? Looking to get more experience working with other photographers?

Get in touch with young, Manchester-based photographer Christopher Bethell.  He’s done work for some big editorial names like Vice and Dazed and Confused, and he’s currently looking for some assistants to help him out on a personal portraiture project he’ll be working on over the next few months.

Though this would be an unpaid position, expenses will be covered and there’s the possibility of paid work in the future…

Have a look at Christopher’s call-out, and check out some of his work, on his site.

Community Arts North West seeks creative collaborators for LISAPO: The Congolese Heritage Project

Calling all dancers! (and musicians, actors, theatre makers, visual artists – creatives of any kind) Community Arts North West are putting on a show inspired by Congolese culture in June, to be held at the famous NQ venue Band On The Wall on the 28th June – coinciding with Congolese Independence Day.

If you fancy getting involved in any way, are free tomorrow and can get to Northern Quarter, get yourself to Methodist Church on Oldham St between 10am and 4pm for our initial session. If you wanna get involved but can’t make it down then not to worry – just get in touch with Peggy (Project Manager) and let her know you’re interested.

More details after the jump…

13th February 2014: Get down to the M20 Love-In at the Brewers Arms!

January has been a great month for the arts world in general, and M20 Collective in particular. The 2014 Oscar nominations look set to reveal a first time majority-minority category in Best Director (Steve McQueen [12 Years A Slave], Alfonso Cuaron [Gravity] and Lee Daniels [The Butler]), Big Boi and Andre 3000 are back in cahoots, and someone has found a good use for drones. On a more local level, our room at Pangaea: Lost City went absolutely off (check some of the pics on our Facebook page), there’s a new club venue in Manchester, and exams are over (for now at least). Hooray! Thanks to everyone for making it a swell start to the new year 🙂

And now it’s already the 1st day of a new month.

The 1st of February can only mean one thing – 13 days till the 14th February. Valentine’s Day is definitely the Marmite of all bizarre national celebration days: you either love it or hate it. But whether you’re planning on spending the international day of luuurve and overpriced stuffed animals in the warm arms of another human – or with an Emmerdale omnibus – make sure you come on down to the Brewer’s Arms on the 13th of February for M20 Collective’s pre-Valentine’s folk fiesta!

cherub valentine

Ah; fat, naked kids. The international symbol of love.