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Free Recording Sessions!

Musicians – in need of some studio time but not sure where to get it? Strapped for cash? Both? Look no further – Philip Marzouk is offering free recording sessions!

Phil, of M20 Collective featured, ambient band Kolo Tamam, is offering free demos to any takers. Have a listen to some of his work – head to the Kolo Tamam soundcloud to hear some recordings of the band, which have been produced in full by the man himself: https://soundcloud.com/kolotamam

Here’s one of my personal favourites, the super mellow, ethereal, warm bath of sound that is ‘Intermission’…

The number of tracks possible would be dependent on what people wanted to record, and his availability.


Cubase 6, 2 input interface
Electric guitars and amps
Acoustic amp
Bass and amp
Vocal condenser mic
Acoustic guitar condenser mic
3 x dynamic mics

Then some good old fashioned elbow grease in the DAW.
To get in touch, call Phil, or drop him a text, on 07729819055. Alternatively, contact him via the interweb – either get him on facebook ( Philip K. Marzouk ) or email him at philipkmarzouk@gmail.com