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An Interview with… Denim & Leather

Innocent young blog that we are, we sent over a list of innocuous questions to find out more about soon-to-be-legendary, Manchester borne, punk/garage/hardcore outfit, Denim & Leather. We think they’re all kinds of cool, and we were eager to learn nice QI-like tidbits of information about them, like what type of guitar they used, or how many hugs a day they gave their nan.

They, in true punk manner, took the absolute f****** piss.

Here’s how it went:

1. How did you guys come together?

Denim & Leather are keen advertisers and in our market research we found the most banal band name possible to be the most effective towards our target market, the early teens to late 50’s. We met through an interest in fabrics, finding each other on an industrial fabrics messageboard and through our combined love of ourselves, fine cloth and money we decided the best option to achieve our goals would be through the ”rock band” format.

2. What or who inspires your song lyrics and musical composition?

Some have argued Denim & Leather have stolen and plagiarized all our material but those people are worthless, jealous slugs. Some songs may or may not be verbatim lyrics from other bands but thats just a coincidence.

3. What social or musical message does your sound try to evoke?

We are a very serious band and consider any interruptions from our 2 hour pre show meditation to be a direct threat. We do not mix work with play. The only way you could hurt us is to try to befriend us.

4. What would you ideally like to bring to the Manchester music scene?

This grey landscape is on its way to being the capitalist haven in which our Lord Jesus Christ intended, we only hope to slot somewhere above the enslaved majority but just underneath the monetarily enlightened 1 percent. A soundtrack to the destruction of the weak.

5. Are there any events or releases that people should look out for?

Come and give us your hard earned wage at The Crescent in Salford on March the 14th.
We play with Dry Heaves, Sump and No Form.

[Click here for the event page for the gig on the 14th]

6. What is the Denim & Leather dream? (in a few words)

Cheeky b******s.

Luckily for them, they’re also really good, so we’ve kept ’em on. Listen to some tracks below, and watch out for their name coming up in the Things to Do section….