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An Interview with… BERNARD + EDITH

The aural equivalent of a David Lynch directed journey through the streets of South Manchester, Bernard + Edith are girl/boy musical duo, Nick Delap and Greta Carroll. Of home-grown-in-Whalley-Range stock, they make beautiful, ethereal songs that synthesise art and music, the kind that infiltrate multisensorily, leaving behind faint impressions of intangible silver wisps, haunting chimes and a deja vu-inducing mix of nostalgia and modernity. Having played to lucky crowds at a whole heap of different music hotspots in Manchester and beyond, they’re garnering national attention – we were lucky enough to catch up with them for a chat….

How did you guys come together?

Nick: We met in 2010 in a bar, we discovered that we were both into making music and Greta asked me to help her out with some tracks. They were amazing so we started making more together. One thing led to another.

What or who inspired/s your song lyrics and musical composition?

Julie London’s vocals, the Knife’s production and the atmospheres of Twin Peaks.

What has been your favourite venue to play in Manchester and why?

St Margaret’s Church, Whalley Range.

I grew up down the road and knew how nice it was. We started putting on shows here under the name WESTWOLF. The church is a beautiful space with great acoustics and the vicar is very open to art and music.

A snow covered St. Margaret's Church, Whalley Range
A snow covered St. Margaret’s Church, Whalley Range

If Bernard + Edith could be described as a smell or scent, what would it be?

Old pennies

What would you ideally like to bring to the Manchester music scene?

Somthing fresh that can bring different people together and make them feel good.

Are there any events, releases or side projects that people should look out for in 2014?

Our single – Poppy came out on March 31st on Sways Records – www.swaysrecords.com

And after that we’re putting out a few more suprises ;£

What is the Bernard + Edith dream? (in a few words)

Lying in the grass in China with little puppies running around everywhere before playing a show to 1000000s of people in New York.

And finally, any words of wisdom for the M20 clan?

You have to enjoy urself, dont do things to appease others, always be humble and dont brag about urself.


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