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M20 Collective: PARADISE NOW Press release

Daily we live and abide by a set of rules. Rules of law, rules set in place by those who govern us. Rules set in place by each other and society: Rules that go unnoticed, sometimes un-governed and sometimes un-questioned. However what happens when we begin to truly break down these rules? Can we achieve a sense of truly being in today’s society? What happens when we express ourselves outside of the rules? Out with the constraints of right and wrong and articulated through a community of contemporary artists.

In June 2015 M20 Collective submitted an online artist call out with a creative brief formed by one MMU Fine Art scholar. 13 have been chosen to part-take in the PARADISE NOW showcase.

On the 25th September 2015, M20 collective will bring together 13 Artists who have produced a range of pieces from photography collages to installations, international film screenings and illustration. This dialogical exhibition contains a select choice of creativity from Manchester and beyond. Alongside this array of visual provocations, three unique live acts including  headliners Ask My Bull, will stimulate your auditory senses with music that plays outside of genre boundaries and overlooks  the norms of the dominant music scene.

ARTISTS: Alex Lowther-Harris, Alex Webb,Cerys Thorne, Emily May, Daisy Preece,Joao Merinhos, Gemma Nethercliff, Kyle Cartilidge, Leo Robinson, Natalie Wardle, Ray Martin, James Sanders, Peter Silva and Corin Silva (Remoraflims), Alyxandra Press (Pairodocks films), Sian Leyshon and Vicky Clarke.

Curated by Rachel Ferguson and facilitated by the M20 community leaders Joel White and Yemi Bolatiwa, this evening is set to be an exciting group production; where diverse art forms are brought together to communicate one concept: PARADISE, NOW!

A £3 entry fee give will you access to this collaborative event at an impressive arts venue: The Wonder Inn, 29 Shudehill Manchester M4 2AF. Contact m20collective@gmail.com for more details.

/ t: @m20collective for further details and follow the progression #PARADISENOW .

M20MIX #1

A weekly mix of Manc’s best tunes new and old from TK…

Seeing as the summer seems to have taken a turn toward the unpredictable, cup your ears in the direction of a few of these. You might just forget all about Big Hurricane Bertha.

Ultimate Painting – Ultimate Painting

Delightfully summery song built around a gem of a riff. Ultimate Painting are Jack Cooper and James Hoare and they are playing tonight (Thursday 14th August) at The Castle Hotel on Oldham Street.

Mazes – Bodies Hookworms remix

Rolling through a hazy hot summer’s evening. Hookworms add their now-signature touch on this from Mazes who formed in Manchester and are Jack Cooper’s other project.

Elbow – Honey Sun

The title says it all. Consistently brilliant for over a decade, Elbow continue to quietly fly the flag for Manchester. This song comes from their new record ‘The take off and landing of everything’. (Also have a listen to Real Life (Angel) and the Title track)

Hookworms – Teen Dreams

Featuring again in this week’s playlist. Hookworms are a band from Leeds who recently curated two nights at the Islington Mill called Lost Weekend. Hailed as one of the best live bands on the circuit right now and listening to the avant-noise-groove evident on songs like this one, it’s not hard to imagine why. Feel the heat.

Orlando Volcano – Lost Chances (feat. Brendan William Jenkinson)

Ambient and soulful, this tune comes from an Irishman based in Brooklyn and couldn’t sound any further from the concrete jungle. Proper dreamy.

Phil Phillips – Sea of Love

This one’s got a good 50 years on the rest. It was a hit then and it’s a hit now and no mistake.

— TK