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M20 Collective: PARADISE NOW Press release

Daily we live and abide by a set of rules. Rules of law, rules set in place by those who govern us. Rules set in place by each other and society: Rules that go unnoticed, sometimes un-governed and sometimes un-questioned. However what happens when we begin to truly break down these rules? Can we achieve a sense of truly being in today’s society? What happens when we express ourselves outside of the rules? Out with the constraints of right and wrong and articulated through a community of contemporary artists.

In June 2015 M20 Collective submitted an online artist call out with a creative brief formed by one MMU Fine Art scholar. 13 have been chosen to part-take in the PARADISE NOW showcase.

On the 25th September 2015, M20 collective will bring together 13 Artists who have produced a range of pieces from photography collages to installations, international film screenings and illustration. This dialogical exhibition contains a select choice of creativity from Manchester and beyond. Alongside this array of visual provocations, three unique live acts including  headliners Ask My Bull, will stimulate your auditory senses with music that plays outside of genre boundaries and overlooks  the norms of the dominant music scene.

ARTISTS: Alex Lowther-Harris, Alex Webb,Cerys Thorne, Emily May, Daisy Preece,Joao Merinhos, Gemma Nethercliff, Kyle Cartilidge, Leo Robinson, Natalie Wardle, Ray Martin, James Sanders, Peter Silva and Corin Silva (Remoraflims), Alyxandra Press (Pairodocks films), Sian Leyshon and Vicky Clarke.

Curated by Rachel Ferguson and facilitated by the M20 community leaders Joel White and Yemi Bolatiwa, this evening is set to be an exciting group production; where diverse art forms are brought together to communicate one concept: PARADISE, NOW!

A £3 entry fee give will you access to this collaborative event at an impressive arts venue: The Wonder Inn, 29 Shudehill Manchester M4 2AF. Contact m20collective@gmail.com for more details.

/ t: @m20collective for further details and follow the progression #PARADISENOW .

Call for submissions: NOUS MAGAZINE

nous magazine is a Manchester based, self-published, collaborative publication that seeks to open up dialogue about issues surrounding mental health. Through short stories, poetry, photographs and other art mediums, nous encourages people to reject the stigma associated with mental health and instead to engage with it creatively.

To be published in collaboration with MUTO collective over the next year, the theme of the fourth issue of the magazine will be MISUNDERSTANDING. Thinking about a variety of social themes, including sexuality, mental health, politics, identity and social background, MUTO and NOUS have put out an open call for submissions of artworks to the issue (interviews, essays, flash fiction, poetry, photography, short stories up to 2500 words etc.):


To accompany the misunderstanding/malentendu project, an online platform is being developed which will feature, in part, an audio-visual playlist of content relating to or inspired by the theme. Contributions to this creative database – songs, books, films, quotes, video clips etc – are also being accepted.

Read more at:


M20COLLECTIVE are looking for dedicated volunteers to assist in the running of an outdoor live music stage at the upcoming Pangaea festival to be hosted by the student union on 20th September 2014. Please read below for further details.

Why is this experience valuable?

All of the positions on the M20COLLECTIVE stage at Pangaea provide experience which may be useful to those who wish to work for stages at festivals in the future and provide experience which may be updated on your CV. In addition if you do a good job there will be further opportunity for you to gather more experience at M20COLLECTIVE’s future events.

How to apply?

To apply for any of the positions please send a covering letter detailing your interests, experience and why you think you would make the perfect candidate for the role to m20collective@gmail.com

The closing date for an application is MONDAY 4TH September

Informal interviews shall commence on FRIDAY 8TH September

Please do not worry if you are not in Manchester at the time of the interviews as an informal interview via Skype may be arranged

NB Successful candidates must be available for MONDAY 15TH September for debrief and training

What the successful candidates will demonstrate?

• Friendly and personable manner
• Ability to work as part of a team
• Clear and concise communication
• Ability to use initiative
• Ability to overcome challenges
• Relevant experience and/or passion for role


Roles recruiting for:

Deputy Stage Manager


Assisting the stage manager to oversee the operation of the M20COLLECTIVE stage

* Ensuring the time schedule is adhered to

* Ensuring all equipment is safely transferred from the artist entrance to the M20COLLECTIVE stage

* Ensuring that all fellow stage workers receive refreshments

* Ensuring all equipment is secured


Artist Liaison


* Liaising with artists to confirm time of arrival and communicating this to stage manager

* Ensuring artists entry to the festival through the allocated artists entry

* Liaising with assistant stage manager to ensure all equipment is safely transferred to and from the stage

* Distribution of hospitality


Deputy Sound Engineer


* Assisting sound engineer with the operation of the stage

* Setting up the stage to specification

* Assisting sound engineer in sound checks and line checks

* Working with the sound engineer to set up to spec between acts




* Documenting the activities on the M20COLLECTIVE stage

* Capturing the moments

* Creation of photo album




* Recording acts live on stage

* Editing videos for M20 COLLECTIVE and Pangaea promo

Gary Brown: Me & Manchester Music

You’ve probably seen Gary Brown snapping away on a night out – he’s one of the city’s biggest photographers and he’s everywhere! Here, he writes about his love for Manchester’s music and gives insider tips for breaking onto the music photography scene…


I’ve been taking photos of the Manchester Music Scene for about 5 years now and I have a love for music deeper than anything else. Music transcends all other art in the world and touches us in a way nothing else can. I could probably rant for ages but I’ll try and keep things short and sweet!

My story started when D&B giant Metropolis advertised on their Facebook page for a new photographer. I didn’t have any experience in clubs, but as a huge D&B fan I couldn’t let such an opportunity slip. I got a trial at one of their Warehouse Project gigs and promptly borrowed some fairly expensive equipment from the camera shop I was working in (and where I self-taught all of my photography skills) – determined to take this chance.

Luckily I did well enough to get the job for Metropolis and I owe them a lot for taking a chance on me. Working for them has led to working for Hideout Festival, Parklife, Warehouse Project and other big clients.


Despite all of that my love of music leads me down all avenues. As well as shooting for those promotion giants I am possibly even happier working in a dirty basement with some amazing underground music, and that’s where the true magic lies. The small nights in Manchester are the heart of the scene – it’s there where you will see the Warehouse Project 2016 headline acts playing to crowds of 200 people. I’ve learned to put my trust in Mancunian promoters and often venture to nights when I don’t even know the DJs playing, simply because I trust the Promoters do. Hit & Run, Selective Hearing, Hoya:Hoya, Project13, Now Wave, Pandemik and loads of others are responsible for a large part of my musical education and I hope I’ve paid that back with my documentation of such events.

I suppose I should pass on some photography advice so here’s something that happened to me early on: I met a photographer at a gig. I’d seen his stuff online and thought he was one of the bigger Manchester ‘togs (shooting big gigs for newspapers etc.)

“Do you do this because you love it?” he said. I answered “Yes.”

“Good” he responded, “because if you’re in it for the money, get out now because there isn’t any!”

Only do things you want to do – the second you take paid photography work that you don’t actually want to do, your work will suffer and so will your love of the art. In music photography that means photographing the music too, not schmoozing round backstage getting trashed with the other hangers-on in the hope you’ll become best friends with the DJs!

There are a few other things I think every photographer should take on board:

  • Know about light & never stop learning: If stuff goes wrong figure out why and how to deal with it in future. If you can learn how light behaves and how your camera interacts with it then you can create any image you want.
  • Don’t be a dick: More a general rule of life than anything. There are hundreds of decent photographers out there looking for work – if you go round acting like a knob or being difficult then your clients can quickly find someone new.
  • LEARN ABOUT LIGHT: This is so important it needs saying twice. If you can quickly assess the light in any given situation, you can be quicker at setting your camera up and getting those killer shots!

That’s about it for now. I’m writing a series of articles on my blog at http://gbmultimedia.co.uk with more tips and techniques so head there if you want to know more. Or feel free to get in touch on Facebook or Twitter etc. I’m not a dick so I’m always happy to answer some questions!


Thanks Gary! All photos (c) Gary Brown

Manchester-based Photographer Christopher Bethell Seeks Assistants…

Image: Christopher Bethell, 2014

Aspiring photographer? Looking to get more experience working with other photographers?

Get in touch with young, Manchester-based photographer Christopher Bethell.  He’s done work for some big editorial names like Vice and Dazed and Confused, and he’s currently looking for some assistants to help him out on a personal portraiture project he’ll be working on over the next few months.

Though this would be an unpaid position, expenses will be covered and there’s the possibility of paid work in the future…

Have a look at Christopher’s call-out, and check out some of his work, on his site.