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Join the Writing Squad!

I know for a fact that there is some seriously great material being written in the fair land of M20 and beyond.

If you’re a young (well, 16-21 year old – age is just a number and all that!) writer living in the north of England, you might want to consider applying for the biennially recruited writing program run by a fantastic organisation called The Writing Squad. Whether you’re into writing novels, articles, short stories, flash fiction, lyrics, blogs, micro poetry, performance pieces or tragicomic monologues about quasi-tronic robodogs, as long as you’re WRITING, they want to hear from YOU.

It’s not about having a degree in creative writing, or having recently published the new White Teeth: this is an opportunity for people really serious about getting to grips with the skills involved in being a writer, and developing on their pre-existing talent and ambition.

Successful applicants receive loads of great perks that help you both to hone your craft and to meet other useful people in the lit-o-sphere, including:

  • One-on-one training with writing professionals
  • A support network of writers, editors and Writing Squad grads who provide advice throughout every stage of the program (and beyond!)
  • Detailed email feedback about your writing from the course tutor
  • Four dedicated Writing Squad days per year, again with professional writers
  • Opportunities to work on a variety of projects across the country

And did I mention that the whole thing is totally free???

To apply to join The Writing Squad, put the following things into a PDF or Word document:

  • Some examples of your writing, in whatever form it may take
  • A cover letter (no more than 2 pages!) about yo fine self, your writing and what you would like to gain by joining the Writing Squad

and send them to steve@writingsquad.com

Also send: “up to ten pages of prose/script or ten poems/songs, or URLs where we can watch or listen to your work”, and let them know which workshop location you’d like to attend: Manchester, Sheffield or Newcastle.


Click here to see the website for more info.

Good luck!