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No rest under the city light. The orange gloom

envelops casting shadow. Devils

are made from us all and in this way

we are equal. Midnight marauders

they cross paths, knowing there is no remedy

for the itch, knowing that the path

on which they tread leads to a place that is

all too familiar, knowing that knowing

means nothing at all, knowing there is

nothing in knowing this.


I stop and ask why must I roam these streets

of dead-end lines which never meet.

I find no satisfaction

Merely further suggestion


Under these skies there is no vantage point,

Weathered minds can’t escape this metropolis.

No peace for the wandering, no

consolation for the nights nomadic.

I tried to see myself under a different light

– It was fallacy. Packed up, wasted, flawed

but serene I continued on my way.

No answers at the bottom of that bottle.

There is no sleep under the city lights.

The orange gloom envelops casting shadow

and devils are made from us all.


Joel White is chief co-ordinator of the M20 Collective. Watch this space for more of his words…