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Free Education MCR Fundraiser: Friday 20th March

Join M20 Collective back in the postcode where it all began for a collaboration with the FREE EDUCATION MCR campaign. All proceeds will go towards supporting their mission to raise awareness about and encourage the movement away from a fee-based system and towards universal free higher education – just like they have in Germany and Denmark. There will be live acoustic acts and vinyl spinning from:

on the stage

Congo Tuff B2B Cutwerk

Expect roots, hip hop, jazz, reggae, beats, world and more


Happy rhythms and positive thinking from drum maestro and vocalist Craig Winterburn

The Shaded Arrows

Kid Katharsis


statement from FREE EDUCATION MCR

At FREE EDUCATION MANCHESTER we believe that education is a tool for building a fairer society. Education should be funded socially so that it can be managed democratically in order to empower people from all backgrounds to define what our education system looks like and learn in ways that best suit them. Free education would facilitate more creative, critical and practical approaches to learning that reflect the diverse needs of all people.This means funding schools, further education, youth centres, technical colleges, art colleges, community projects, universities and postgraduate study so that everyone has access to life-long learning.


When? Friday 20th March 2015, 8pm til late

Where? Fuel, Withington High Street

How much? £3 OTD

On facebook

Have a look at what Harriet, Manchester University’s Education Officer, says on the case for free education


M20 Collective: Mission Statement 2015

As we move towards our 2nd Birthday we believe it is the right time for us to put our brand to good use and collaborate with existing youth projects in Manchester who in recent years have seen their funding slashed and have been forced to compete with each other over dwindling public resources. 

1.0 Summary

The M20 Collective started with the aim of strengthening bonds in the local community. By forging a network of creatives in Manchester the project aims to contribute to the development of Manchester’s creative sector by actively encouraging an ethos of collaboration and good will through a range of creative projects.

 2.0 General description

The M20 Collective is a group of creative working in collaboration on a range of projects seeking innovative ways to develop brand awareness for the collective. We aim to facilitate learning and fund creative social outreach projects in Manchester connecting with local grass roots communities, musicians and artists of all kinds as well as curating art production for events.

 3.0 Mission statement

As a collective we believe that the arts are an invaluable tool for both; providing positive social structures and empowering individuals. It is our aim to establish our brand so we can fund a range of creative youth projects in Manchester to offer an alternative to conventional academic structures . This will be achieved by offering our selves as a resource to guide, to supervise and to inspire participants in making their own plans. Through doing this we aim to to facilitate the acquisition of valuable and transferable skills, aswell as encourage an ethos of collaboration and a sense of pride in the community. We also aim to further develop partnerships with local colleges and universities to provide practical work experience to students.

 4.0 List of Services

  • Event management
  • Project management
  • Marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Post production
  • Set design
  • Set construction / décor
  • Creative workshops

 5.0 M20 Collective Creative Youth Project (MCYP) Abstract

The MCYP is targeted at young people aged between 14-25 who live in communities adversely affected by cuts to youth services. The MCYP will use volunteers from the Collective’s network of creatives, local community and educational institutions to run free workshops facilitating the learning of a range of creative and leadership skills culminating in projects and campaigns chosen and orientated by the participants themselves.

 As a Collective we believe that one highly valuable aspect of creative practice is the self expression it allows; providing the possibility of channelling energy that otherwise may find release in less positive ways. It is our belief that creative pursuits can facilitate self discipline, improve communication skills, increase self confidence, foster an ethos of collaboration and aid the development of a positive identity.

 Through participation in the MCYP participants will be encouraged to work collaboratively towards events and campaigns in their local community. The aim of these events and campaigns is to draw attention to the positive aspects of their community which are all too often represented in a negative way by the media.

If you are interested in information on how you can get involved, contact Joel directly by phone 07824611484 or alternatively via email at M20collective@gmail.com.

Spread the WORD!

Much Love

Joel M20

Petition: Bring back Manchester Youth Market

The Manchester Youth Market is a monthly market for 16-21 year old stallholders. Fashion, food, music – you name it, you can sell it. Offering a way onto the business ladder for youth in the city without the usual overheads of market trading (stallholders are exempt from the usual £104 fee you have to pay), the Youth Market is a great space that gives young creatives the city centre exposure and opportunity for self-employment they really need.


Holly Marie Saunders has set up a petition to protest the council’s decision to axe the youth market in spite of it’s popularity and the obvious benefits. 

Learn more and sign the petition here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/842/088/476/bring-manchester-youth-markets-back-to-the-northern-quarterpicadilly-gardens/?taf_id=12529215&cid=fb_na#

Has society ruined the human body?

Everyone’s human! Alex Rigg writes about mutual understanding, the dangers of judgementalism and the human body…

Social media has changed the effect of people’s opinions on the look of humans. But my question is: has society ruined the human body? Why is it now frowned upon to show the human body for its natural qualities? Shouldn’t we love who we are, and what we are?

It shouldn’t be wrong to show the skin of a person. People should be able to present their own bodies however they want to, without negative comments from people who gaze on them. This negativity leads to medical conditions; anorexia, depression, more. But why is it fair for people to judge the looks of other people, when they are just showing who they are? A human body should not be a sin in the eye of the beholder, as it is now coming across as – it should be something showing ambitions whatever they may be, and the skill of being unafraid. The human body is a beautiful and a wondrous design, and it is magnificent that we are all unique, even in the slightest of ways. There are so many differences that we should be grateful for, but I can’t discover why difference is disapproved of by many.

Comments should not be given, if the flesh of someone is shown. Comments should not be given if they do not look 100% perfect underneath your personal criteria list. Because nobody’s perfect. It is scary how many people dislike themselves or, in worst case scenario, hate themselves for how they look. Why should their appearance matter – surely what is important is who they actually are? Self harming (in any form) can be closely linked to an individual’s appearance and someone’s comments about it. It is a form of bullying, and it needs to end quickly. The human body is such a precious species, but they should be sticking together, not turning on each other in search of a way to become popular yourself. Attacks and sourness can lead to extreme consequences. Think before you say.

For The Young, Talented and Unsigned

Alex Rigg tells us exactly why its so important to support the hard work and talent of Manchester’s young local musicians…

Music has the power to run society. As well as all of the more famous hits and celebrities, there are also unsigned acts featuring powerful talent that can send messages to society’s ears. Music is strong, but stronger to those who choose to use it with determination and talent. Bands and solo performers are key to how everybody behaves on Earth. Musical chimes of beauty can be created, but by all kinds of people. Unsigned bands can be inspirational and bold, bringing the best out of audience members.

Manchester is fortunate for the large amount of local talent that gets to be experienced in venues across the North West – but are you seeing them? There is so much people are missing that is right beneath their noses. The sensation of live music is so great, for both the performers and the fans. Young talent is needed to keep the world informed on the passion and beauty of musical sound. Whether it is acoustic or rock or a DJ, all of the sounds successfully open up emotions, both happy and sad.

From an audience perspective, you can build up with countless emotions at the same moment. It makes you think and wonder, while making you enjoy such an amazing time. Gigs with unsigned bands are not a form of wasting time, but bringing something extraordinary into your life that you can be first to witness. The vibes of success will ring into your ears where magical words whisper to you.

Great melodies can be transformed to passionate tunes for all ears within Manchester. Performances in pubs, nightclubs or stages all give out the same message. The message of life.

– Alex RIgg.